Managing Stored Files

You can use the Remote UI to print or delete files that are stored in the Mail Box.

Managing Files Stored in a Mail Box

You can print documents that are stored in a Mail Box. You can also edit stored documents by deleting specific pages.
Start the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI
Click [Access Received/Stored Files] on the portal page. Remote UI Screen
On the [Mail Box] page, click the number of the desired Mail Box.
If the page for entering a PIN is displayed, enter the PIN and click [OK].
You can also specify a Mail Box by entering its number in [Box Number (00-99)] and clicking [Open...].
Specify the file to manage, and perform the desired operation.
You can click the [Type] icon or file name to display the file details.
You can click [Print List] to print a list of the files in the Mail Box.
Printing a file
Merging multiple files into one
Inserting a file into another file
Duplicating a file in another Mail Box
Changing a file name
Deleting pages from a file
Deleting a file
To change the settings of a Mail Box
You can click [Settings...] on the screen displayed in step 4 to change the name and PIN for the selected Mail Box. Specifying the Mail Box Settings