One Touch Color Mode

You can intuitively select the image quality with a single button, such as having subtle colors or having a retro finish like an old photograph.
Press <Access Stored Files>. <Home> Screen
Select a mail box, select a file you want to print and press <Print>.
Press <Change Print Settings>, <Options> and <Adjust OneTouch Color>.
Select the desired image quality.
Example adjustment:
 Lighten Image
 Darken Image
 Highlight Reproduction
 Sepia Tone
If you select <Highlight Reproduction>, the image quality is adjusted so that highlights are not blown out.
You can select multiple types of image quality at the same time. However, <Lighten Image>, <Darken Image>, and <Highlight Reproduction> cannot be selected at the same time.
Press <OK> <Close>.
Press <Start Printing>.
Printing starts.
The settings in <Options> <Color Balance> automatically change according to the image quality you select.
If you select <Sepia Tone>, <Single Color (Sepia Tone)> is displayed in <Select Color> on the Basic Features screen.