If the Machine Does Not Operate

If a problem occurs while you are using the machine, check the following before contacting your dealer or service representative.

Check This First

Is a message displayed on the touch panel display?

A message is displayed on the touch panel display when an error or a problem occurs while operating the machine.
A Message or a Number Starting with "#" (an Error Code) Is Displayed

Has the Main Power indicator gone out?

If the Main Power indicator does not light up even though the power switch is ON, check the power plug.

Is the machine in the Sleep mode?

When the machine is in the Sleep mode, the touch panel display turns off. Touch the touch panel display to cancel the Sleep mode.

Is the machine connected to a computer correctly?

Check the network connection of the machine and the computer.
Setting up the Network Environment

If the machine does not respond to computer operations

Restart the machine.

If the machine does not respond even though its power is turned ON, turn the power OFF (Shutting Down the Machine). Confirm that the power cord is connected correctly, wait 10 or more seconds after the main power indicator turns off, and then turn the power back ON (How to Turn ON the Main Power).

When the authentication screen (login screen) is displayed

Log in as a registered user.

When the authentication screen (login screen) is displayed, you must log in as a registered user to continue operating the machine.
Logging into the Machine