Other Problems

Cannot press a button, select an item, or an item is not displayed.

Some settings can only be used by the administrator. They cannot be used by general users.
The system administrator limits the functions that general users can use to prevent unauthorized use, and restricts the use of functions.
The functions that can be used with User Authentication are managed by the administrator. These functions can be used by logging in using an ID with access privileges.
Logging into the Machine
Functions cannot be used because the optional equipment or system options that they require are not installed.
The buttons displayed on the screen have been changed. Press  or  at the bottom of the screen to switch the display, or press <Options> and search for the desired button. For a Basic Features screen, press <Options> and search for the desired button.
Customizing the <Home> Screen
The settings are managed with security policy settings. To change the settings, it is necessary to log in to the Remote UI with administrator privileges.

Log files are garbled.

When opening CSV files with Microsoft Excel, the content may not be recognized as text strings and may become garbled as a result. If this happens, open the files with a CSV file editor or text editor.

Log events are not recorded even though log collection was started.

Results may not be reflected in a log file if it is retrieved immediately after log collection is started. Since it takes some time to collect logs, retrieve the log file again after waiting a while.

The setting for K-size paper is not displayed.

You can use K-size paper by changing the machine settings. For more information, contact your dealer or service representative.