Uneven Gloss Correction

When the temperature of the pressure belt rises excessively, uneven gloss may occur. This mode enables you to reduce the uneven gloss by adjusting the temperature rise level of the pressure roller.
Users other than the administrators should not change the settings. For instructions on changing the settings, contact your dealer or service representative.
Changing this setting may have an effect on the paper curl. If necessary, adjust the [Curl Correction Level] in Paper Type Management Settings. Curl Correction for Each Paper Drawer
Increasing the value requires the machine to take a long time to control the temperature. This may result in a slight decrease of the machine's productivity.

Press  (Settings/Registration)  <Adjustment/Maintenance> <Adjust Image Quality> <Correct Uneven Gloss>.
Press <-> or <+> to set the level of temperature management press <OK>.
Increase the value to increase the control over excessive temperature rise.