System Options

By installing system-related options, you can further enhance the performance of the machine.

PS Printer Kit

This option enables you to use the machine as a UFR II/PCL/PS printer.

imagePRESS Server

imagePRESS Server is a printer controller which attaches to the back of the machine. imagePRESS Server supports Adobe Genuine PostScript 3 and PCL5e, and is suited for office environments in which larger print volumes are frequently processed, or for users who use Adobe PostScript or other PostScript applications.

Barcode Printing Kit

This option enables you to print barcodes. For more details, see Bar Code Printing via the online manual site.

PCL International Font Set

This option enables you to add the following fonts for a PCL printer. As a result, you can output using multiple languages in a SAP Unicode environment.
Andale® and WorldType® Collection J (Japanese Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection K (Korean Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection S (Simplified Chinese Version)
Andale® and WorldType® Collection T (Traditional Chinese Version)
In order to support differences in character design depending on the region, four font versions are enabled.

PCL Asian Font Set

This option enables you to output the following fonts in a Traditional Chinese (Big5 or HKSCS) environment.
MingLiU Regular
DFKai-SB Regular
PMingLiU Regular
CSong TC Light (HKSCS support)
MHei TC Medium (HKSCS support)
MKai TC Medium (HKSCS support)

Remote Fax Kit

This option is needed to use the Remote Fax function. Even if the machine is not equipped with a fax board, you can send faxes via another machine with a fax board installed on the same network.


The 480GB SSD is necessary when using the Mirroring function of the Memory Mirroring Kit. Using as a Simple File Server


By replacing the storage device installed in the machine with the 1TB SSD, you can expand the memory capacity of the machine to 1 TB. Using as a Simple File Server Using as a Simple File Server
Once you replace the storage device with the 1TB SSD, the additional 1TB SSD is required to back up the data by using the Memory Mirroring Kit.

Memory Mirroring Kit

The Memory Mirroring Kit enables you to back up the data on the storage device of the machine to the additional optional storage device. Even if one storage device should fail, you can access the other storage device to reduce the risk of data loss.

Copy Card Reader

This option enables you to perform Department ID Management through authentication with control card. For details, see Copy Card Reader

In-line Spectrophotometer-A

Optional product which places a spectrophotometer in the machine.

File Formats and the Need for Optional Products

Optional products may be required, depending on the file format and function you want to use. See the following table.
: Standard function   : Optional products required
File Format (Detailed Setting)
Scan and Send/Scan and Store
PDF (Trace & Smooth)
PDF (Limited Color)
PDF (Compact)
PDF (OCR (Text Searchable))
PDF (Encrypt)
PDF (Device Signature)
PDF (User Signature)
PDF (Format to PDF/A)
XPS (Compact)
XPS (OCR (Text Searchable))
XPS (Device Signature)
XPS (User Signature)
OOXML (Word)
OOXML (PowerPoint)
The following file formats can be used with the Access Stored Files function: JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XPS. To print files in other formats, move the files to your computer and print via the printer driver, etc.