Registering Destinations to the Address Book (Control Panel)

You can register destinations to the Address Book using the control panel.
On the control panel, press [Addr. Book] in the [Home] screen. [Home] Screen
Press [Regist Dest.].
The [Register As] screen is displayed.
If the [Address Book PIN] screen is displayed, enter the PIN, and press [Apply].
Press [Coded Dial] or [One-Touch].
[Destination Type] screen is displayed.
Select the destination type.
When registering group destinations, see the following.
Registering Groups to the Address Book (Control Panel)
Enter the destination information.
Press [Name] and enter the name, and then press [Apply].
You can register a destination without entering its name, but by entering the name, you can search for it by its initials when specifying the destination.
For destination information, press [E-Mail Address] or [Fax Number], enter that information, and then press [Apply].
When entering an international destination in [Fax Number], enter the international access number, country code, and fax number in that order. If you are unable to connect, press [Pause] in between the numbers to add a pause. You can change the pause time. [Set Pause Time]
Set the fax sending details, as needed.
If a fax number was registered in Step 5, set the details when a send error occurs or it takes time to send a fax to that number.
If you registered something other than a fax number, this step is not required. Proceed to Step 7.
Press [Apply].
The destination is registered to the Address Book.
When a destination is registered to [One-Touch], the destination is registered to the [One-Touch] button on the [Home] screen. The name which is entered in [Name] when the destination is registered appears as the button name.
Registering a Destination from the TX Job Log of a Scan or Fax Job
You can register a destination to the Address Book from the TX Job Log of a scan job or a fax job with the following steps.
 on the control panel [TX Job] [Job Log] select the log you want to call up [Reg Adr Book].