Paper Feed

Default Paper Feed Source

[Auto]*, [MP Tray], [Drawer 1], [Drawer 2], [Drawer 3], [Drawer 4], [Drawer 5]

You can configure the logical paper source that will be used when the machine cannot determine the paper source to use for processing, such as when the paper source cannot be set in the application software.

Default Paper Size

[A4], [A5], [A6], [B5], [16K], [Letter]*, [Legal], [Statement], [Executive], [Env. NAGAGATA 3], [Env. NAGAGATA 4], [Env. NAGAGATA 40], [Env. YOGATANAGA3], [Env. No. 10], [Envelope ISO-C5], [Envelope DL], [Envelope Monarch], [FOOLSCAP/FOLIO], [FOOLSCAP (Australia)], [LETTER (Government)], [LEGAL (Government)], [OFICIO], [OFICIO (Brazil)], [OFICIO (Mexico)], [F4A], [LEGAL (India)], [3x5 inch]

This parameter defines the default paper size used when the paper size cannot be set within the application software, when no paper source is specified.

Default Paper Type

[Thin], [Plain 1]*, [Plain 2], [Plain 3], [Heavy 1], [Heavy 2], [Heavy 3], [Heavy 4], [Color 1], [Color 2], [Recycled 1], [Recycled 2], [Pre-punched 1], [Labels], [Bond], [Letterhead 1], [Letterhead 2], [Letterhead 3], [Letterhead 4], [Letterhead 5], [Letterhead 6], [Letterhead 7], [Envelope], [Pharmacy Envelope]

This parameter sets the default paper type to be used for print jobs. This machine has internally defined optimal print modes for each specified paper type.

Paper Size Override

[On], [Off]*

If paper of the size that is set in the printer driver has not been loaded in the paper drawer, the paper that is printed is changed to the following sizes.
Printer Driver Setting


The paper size is changed. If there is no paper in the paper source of the size that is set in the printer driver, the paper supply message is displayed and the paper size is not changed.


The paper supply message is displayed and the paper size is not changed.

2nd Side of MP Tray 2-Sided Page

[On], [Off]*

This function prints on the blank side of preprinted paper that has been loaded in the multi-purpose tray.

If you are printing from an OS that lacks a printer driver for the machine (MS-DOS, UNIX, etc.), make sure that the paper loaded in the paper drawer matches the paper size specified in this setting. If the paper size specified in this setting is not available, an error message is displayed when the machine tries to print the job and the machine stops. In addition, if a paper source has not been selected through the application, the machine automatically selects the default print settings for the paper size and type. (See "User's Guide.")
Use the following figures as a guideline to decide whether paper should be specified as Plain Paper or Heavy Paper.
Plain Paper: 16 lb bond to 28 lb bond (61 g/m2 to 105 g/m2)
Heavy Paper: 29 lb bond to 73.6 lb cover (106 g/m2 to 199 g/m2)
Canon label paper is recommended for printing on labels.
Thin, Plain 1-3, Color 1-2, Recycled 1-2, Heavy 1-4, Bond, and Letterhead 1-7 can be printed using two-sided printing.