[Status Monitor] Screen

This screen is displayed when you press  on the operation panel or press [Status Monitor]   on the [Home] screen and other locations.
Use this screen to check the information of the machine, usage and logs, network settings, and error information.
Touch Panel Model
5 Lines LCD Model
Displays the IPv4 address of the machine by default. You can also hide this. [Display IP Address]
[Error Information/Notification]
You can check the information of errors that occur on the machine. Take troubleshooting measures according to the error details.
A Message Appears
An Error Code Is Displayed
[Device Status]
[Paper Information]
Check the remaining amount of paper for the paper source.
[Cartridge Level]
Check the remaining amount of toner in the toner cartridge.
Other internal parts may reach the end of their lifetime before the toner runs out.
[Check Toner Cartridge Name]
Check the toner cartridge name.
[Check Counter]
Check the total number of pages printed, faxed, and copied. Checking the Number of Printed Pages (Check Counter)
[Version Information]
Displays the firmware version information of the machine.
[Serial Number]
Displays the serial number of the machine.
[Copy/Print Job]
Displays the copy or print processing status and log.
Checking the Copy Status
Viewing the Print Job Status and Log
[TX Job] (touch panel model only)
Displays the status and log of sent faxes.
Checking the Save Status and Log of Scanned Data (Touch Panel Model)
Checking Sent and Received Faxes
[RX Job] (touch panel model only)
Displays the status and log of received faxes. Checking Sent and Received Faxes
[Fax Forwarding Errors] (touch panel model only)
If a fax could not be forwarded but remains in the memory, you can print it or forward it to a different destination, and view its content. Checking Faxes that Failed to Be Forwarded
[Network Information]
Check the IPv4 address and other settings. Setting IPv4 Addresses
Check the IPv6 address and other settings. Setting IPv6 Addresses
[Network Connection Method]
Check whether the machine has a wired or wireless connection.
Displays the connection status and error information when connected by wireless LAN.
[Direct Connection Information]
Displays the connection status when directly connected to a device.
[IEEE 802.1X Error Information]
Displays the details of errors that occur with IEEE 802.1X authentication.