Preparations and Orientation for Loading Envelopes

As envelopes have a different shape and thickness from regular paper, preparations must be made before loading envelopes.
Envelopes can be printed only on the front side (non-glued side). When loading envelopes, pay attention to the orientation and which side is face up.
For the general procedure of loading envelopes, see the following:
Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer

Preparations before Loading Envelopes

Align the envelopes regardless of the number of envelopes to be loaded.
Close the flap of each envelope.
Flatten them to remove any air, and make sure the edges are pressed tightly.
Loosen any stiff corners of the envelopes, and flatten any curls.
Align the edges of the envelopes on a flat surface.
The envelopes are ready to be loaded.

Orientation of Envelopes

Load the envelopes No. 10 (COM10), Monarch, ISO-C5, or DL in portrait orientation with the front side (non-glued side) face up and the long side of the envelope parallel with the long side of the paper drawer. Load the envelope with the flap closed and on the left side.