Connecting a Mobile Device via Wireless LAN Router (LAN Connection)

Connect a mobile device to the machine via a wireless LAN router in the same way as you connect a computer to the machine. By configuring a mobile device to connect automatically to the wireless LAN router, you do not need to manually connect it next time.
Required Preparations
Connect the machine to the network using wireless or wired LAN. Setting Up the Network
* When using a wired LAN, check that a wireless LAN router is connected to the same network.
Set an IPv4 address to the machine. Setting IPv4 Addresses
Connect the mobile device to either of the following wireless LAN routers:
A wireless LAN router connected to the machine
(When the machine is connected to a wired LAN) A wireless LAN router on the network connected to the machine
For details about how to connect a mobile device to a wireless LAN router, see the manual of the mobile device.