You can print documents and photos from a computer.
Printing from a Computer
You can print documents and photos via a printer driver installed on a computer connected to the machine.
Preparing to Print from a Computer
Printing from a Computer
Setting Up a Print Server
By setting up a print server on a network, you can reduce the load on the computer that you print from.
In Windows, you can install the printer driver via the print server, which saves you the trouble of downloading the printer driver to each computer on the network or using a CD/DVD-ROM.
Setting Up a Print Server
Printing with the Standard Functions of the Operating System
You can print without having to install a dedicated application or printer driver.
This machine is compatible with Universal Print, a cloud service by Microsoft. You can print documents from a remote location as long as your computer is connected to the Internet.
Preparations for Using Universal Print
Printing with Universal Print
You can use AirPrint to print data. Using AirPrint Application to Print and Scan Data and Send Faxes
Chrome OS
Use the print function that is standard in the operating system. Printing from Chromebook or Other Device with Chrome OS

See Also

Printing from a Mobile Device
The machine can be operated from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. By using a compatible application or service, you can easily print photos or documents from a mobile device.
Linking with Mobile Devices and Integrating with a Cloud Service
When Results Are Not as Expected
If print results are too dark or too faint, adjust the print density.
Adjusting the Print Density