Configure operation panel screen features such as screen color inversion and message display time to make the screen easier to see.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Invert Screen Colors]

[Menu] [Preferences] [Accessibility]
Specify whether light and dark on the operation panel screen are reversed.


[Menu] [Preferences] [Accessibility]
Adjust the contrast to make the operation panel screen easier to view.
7 levels

[Message Display Time]

[Menu] [Preferences] [Accessibility]
Set the number of seconds for which each message is displayed when 2 messages are displayed alternately on the operation panel screen.
1 to 2 to 5 (sec.)

[Scrolling Speed]

[Menu] [Preferences] [Accessibility]
Set the scrolling speed when operating the screen.

[Cursor Movement Type]

[Menu] [Preferences] [Accessibility]
Set the cursor operation when entering text.
Set to [Auto] to move the cursor automatically to the next input field after entering text. When set to [Manual], you must press  to move the cursor.