Printed Paper Sticks Together

Troubleshoot by checking the items below.
Are You Using Appropriate Paper?
Check whether the paper in the machine is usable, and replace it with appropriate paper, as needed.
Usable Paper
Loading Paper
Set the paper size and type correctly according to the loaded paper. Specifying the Paper Size and Type
Try using [Reduce Ppr. Sticking at Output].
Setting [Reduce Ppr. Sticking at Output] to [On] may improve the problem.
Touch Panel Model
[Home] screen on the operation panel [Menu] [Adjustment/Maintenance] [Adjust Image Quality] [Special Processing] [Reduce Ppr. Sticking at Output] [On]
5 Lines LCD Model
[Home] screen on the operation panel  [Menu]    [Adjustment/Maintenance]    [Adjust Image Quality]    [Special Processing]   [Reduce Ppr. Sticking at Output]    [On]  
* If selecting [On] does not solve the problem, set [Output Adjustment Mode] to [On] also.[Output Adjustment Mode]
* This setting is also effective for 1-sided printing.