This chapter describes how to troubleshoot problems and answers frequently asked questions.
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You can click [] at the top of the screen to search for the message or error code (three-digit number starting with #) that appears on the operation panel, and check how to troubleshoot problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Operations

I Want to Scan an Original.
Make preparations according to the scanned data save destination and, and then scan the original.
I Want to Forward a Received Fax.
Configure the settings to automatically forward received faxes to a computer or other fax machine.
Auto Forwarding and Backing Up Received Faxes
I Want to Send a Fax from a Computer.
You can send a document as a fax from a computer using a fax driver.
Sending Faxes from a Computer (PC Faxing)
I Want to Print on an Envelope.
Place the envelope in the paper drawer tray while paying attention to the orientation and side of the envelope.
Then, set the paper size and type according to the placed envelope.
Next, use the print driver of the computer to set the paper size of the document and the paper size to print, and then perform printing.
Preparations and Orientation for Loading Envelopes
Specifying the Paper Size and Type
Printing from a Computer