The Printed Barcode Cannot be Scanned

Troubleshoot by checking in the following order:
Are You Using a Very Small Barcode or One With Thick Lines?
Enlarge the barcode.
If the barcode lines are perpendicular to the output feed direction, rotate the image 90° so that the lines are parallel.
Try using Barcode Adjustment Mode
Setting [Barcode Adjustment Mode] to [Mode 1] in the printer driver may solve the problem. If that does not work, try selecting [Mode 2] and then [Mode 3] in sequence.
Specify the settings below in the [Printing preferences] screen of the printer driver.
[Finishing] tab  [Advanced Settings]  [Barcode Adjustment Mode] select the mode
* When this setting is enabled, the print density may decrease.
If setting [Barcode Adjustment Mode] to [Mode 3] does not work, changing the [Printer Density] may solve the problem.[Printer Density]