[Fax Settings] (Touch Panel Model)

Specify the settings for sending faxes.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.
* [Fax Settings] may not be displayed depending on the model, the installed options, and other settings.

[Change Default Settings]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Change the default settings for sending Faxes. Changing the Default Settings
When you press [Reset] in the fax send screen, the settings revert to the values specified here.
[200 x 100 dpi (Normal)]
[200 x 200 dpi (Fine)]
[200 x 200 dpi (Photo)]
[200 x 400 dpi (Superfine)]
9 levels
7 levels

[Off-Hook Alarm]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Adjust the volume of the alarm tone sounded when a telephone is connected and the receiver or handset is left off the hook.
Dragging the slider to the right increases the volume.
Dragging the slider to the far left mutes the sound.
4 levels


[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
ECM (Error Correction Mode) is a function that conducts checking and correction to ensure that corrupted images are not sent when an error occurs during image transmission. Here, specify whether the ECM function is used for transmissions.
If you use ECM transmission, error checking is carried out by both the sender and recipient during communication, so the ECM function must also be enabled at the receiving end.
ECM transmission may slow down communication because error checking and corrections are carried out during transmission. Note also that even when ECM transmission is enabled, errors may still occur depending on the state of the phone lines.
Enable ECM reception on the machine to reduce the number of errors that occur when the machine receives data. [ECM RX]

[Set Pause Time]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify the number of seconds (wait time) in the pause inserted between numbers.
To send a fax to an overseas destination, enter the international access number, country code, and fax number in that order. If the call will not connect, insert a pause between the different numbers.
If you still cannot connect after inserting a pause, change the pause time.
1 to 2 to 15 (sec.)

[Auto Redial]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether the machine automatically redials if it fails to make a connection for reasons such as the line being busy.
If you specify Auto Redial, you can also specify the number of redials, the interval between redials, and whether to redial if a transmission error occurs.
[No. of Times to Redial]
1 to 2 to 10 (times)
[Redial Interval]
2 to 99 (min.)
[Redial When Err Occurs]

[Check Dial Tone Before Sending]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether to check for a dial tone before dialing when sending a fax.

[Set Line]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify the machine’s fax number, unit name, and the number of lines.
* The fax number and unit name are sent to the recipient as sender information. [TX Terminal ID]
[Register Unit Telephone Number]
[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings] [Set Line]
Register the fax number of the machine. Changing the Fax Number and Unit Name
[Register Unit Name]
[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings] [Set Line]
Register the name (unit name) sent to the other party. Changing the Fax Number and Unit Name
[Select Line Type]
[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings] [Set Line]
If the machine is connected to a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or to a line that is shared with a home phone or business phone, the line type may not be selected automatically. If so, select [Manual] and specify the line type.
* Normally, if you connect the machine to a phone line and restart the machine, the line type is selected automatically. Configuring the Fax Settings (Fax Setup Guide) (Touch Panel Model)

[TX Start Speed]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
It may take some time for transmission to begin due to factors such as a poor phone line connection. If this occurs, adjust the initial communication speed to a lower level.
[33600 bps]
[14400 bps]
[9600 bps]
[7200 bps]
[4800 bps]
[2400 bps]

[Confirm Entered Fax Number]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether a screen for re-entering the number appears when you enter a fax number using the numeric keys. Confirming the Destination before Sending

[Allow Fax Driver TX]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether to allow faxes to be sent from a computer (PC faxing). Prohibit Fax Sending from a Computer

[Use Address Book When On-Hook]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
When sending faxes manually, specify [Always Allow] to enter a specific number with the numeric keys, and then specify a destination registered in the Address Book.
[Do Not Allow After Numeric Key Use]
[Always Allow]

[Restrict Sequential Broadcast]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether to prohibit fax transmission to multiple destinations (Sequential Broadcast). Prohibiting Fax Sending to Multiple Destinations

[Register Log Dest to Addr Book]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether to restrict destinations remaining in the TX Job Log so they cannot be registered in the Address Book. Prohibiting Registering Fax Sending Log Destinations to Address Book
[Do Not Allow]

[TX Terminal ID]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
Specify whether to include sender information such as the transmission date and time and the machine’s fax number in fax headers.
If you specify [On] in this setting, you can also specify the print position for the sender information and mark the fax number.
Set [Print Position] to [Inside Image Area] to align the print position with the top of the text or images on transmitted pages. To print the sender information beyond the top of the text or images on transmitted pages, specify [Outside Image Area].
To post the machine’s fax number as a telephone number, set [Mark No. as: TEL/FAX] to [TEL].
[Print Position]
[Inside Image Area]
[Outside Image Area]
[Mark No. as: TEL/FAX]

[Auto Adjust VoIP Comm. Speed]

[Menu] [Function Settings] [Send] [Fax Settings]
For more secure fax transmission and reception in VoIP communication systems that are prone to communication errors, specify [On] in this setting.
* Specifying [On] will lower the communication speed.