Cannot Connect to Wireless LAN

Troubleshoot by checking the status of the computer, wireless LAN router (access point), and machine with the steps below.

Step 1: Checking the Status of the Computer and Wireless LAN Router

Have You Configured the Settings of the Computer and Wireless LAN Router?
Configure the required settings if they have not been configured.
Are the Power Cables and Ethernet Cable Connected Correctly?
If any cables are connected incorrectly or disconnected, connect them correctly.
Is the Power of Wireless LAN Router On?
If you cannot establish a connection even if the power is on, turn off the power of the computer and router and turn it on again.

Step 2: Checking the Status of the Machine and Wireless LAN Router

Is the Power of the Machine ON?
If the power is ON, turn OFF the power and turn it ON again.
Is the Location Appropriate?
The machine and wireless LAN router should be installed in a location without walls or other obstructions between the devices and within range of 50 m.
Do not install near a microwave oven, cordless telephone, or other device that generates radio waves.

Step 3: Reconnecting to a Wireless LAN

Connect to the wireless LAN using the connection type according to your wireless LAN router. Connecting to a Wireless LAN