Setting the Date and Time

Set the date and time for the machine. The date and time set here are used as the reference for the functions using date and time information, and therefore, they need to be set accurately.
This section describes how to configure the settings using Remote UI from a computer.
On the operation panel, select [Menu] in the [Home] screen, and then select [Preferences] to configure the settings. [Timer/Energy Settings]
Log in to Remote UI. Starting Remote UI
On the Portal page of Remote UI, click [Settings/Registration]. Portal Page of Remote UI
Click [Timer Settings] [Edit].
The [Edit Timer Settings] screen is displayed.
Enter the current date and time.
Set the time zone according to the region where the machine is used.
Communicating over the Internet is premised on setting the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) correctly. The UTC is a coordinated universal time that is standard for all parts of the world. There is a time difference depending on the country or region where the machine is used.
Set daylight saving time as needed.
Select the [Use Daylight Saving Time] checkbox if the machine is in a country or region with daylight saving time, and then set the start and end dates.
Click [OK].
The settings are applied.
Log out from Remote UI.