Managing the Machine

This section describes the management functions that are required to operate the machine.
Monitoring the Operation Status and Usage of the Machine, and Configuring the Settings
Setting the Date and Time
Set the date and time for the machine. The date and time are used as the reference for the functions using date and time information, and therefore, they need to be set accurately.
Setting the Date and Time
Checking the Operation Status and Changing the Settings (Remote UI)
You can use a Web browser on a computer to check the operation status of the machine and change the machine settings. You can manage the machine from a remote location and efficiently perform time-consuming settings and registration on your computer.
Managing the Machine from a Computer (Remote UI)
Monitoring the Usage (Operation Panel)
You can use the operation panel of the machine to check the total number of printed pages and print the settings and other reports and lists.
Monitoring the Usage
Managing Servers, Various Data, and Firmware
Updating the Firmware
Update the firmware to add new functions to the machine and to fix bugs. By updating to the latest firmware, you can use the machine with more stable and comfortable operations.
Updating the Firmware
Initializing the Settings and Data
You can initialize all settings and data when replacing or disposing of the machine. Initializing the machine prevents access to confidential information and unauthorized use by third parties.
Initializing the Settings and Data

See Also

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