Checking Usage and Logs with Remote UI

From Status Monitor/Cancel in Remote UI, you can check the status and logs of a function, operation status of the machine, and error information.
Log in to Remote UI. Starting Remote UI
On the Portal page of Remote UI, click [Status Monitor/Cancel]. Portal Page of Remote UI
Select an item to view the status or log.
[Job Status]
Displays the status (Printing or Waiting) of printed data from a computer.
If you logged in with Administrator Mode, this displays the print status for all jobs.
If you entered your user name in [User Name] when you logged in with General User Mode, only the print job status for that user is visible.
Click [Job Number] for paused prints to display print details and view the user name and number of printed sheets.
Click [Cancel] in [Job Operation] to delete the print data for jobs that are printing or waiting.
[Job Log]
Displays the print job log from a computer.
[Error Information]
Displays information of errors occurring on the machine.
* You can view the same information by clicking the link displayed in [Error Information] on the Portal page.
Displays the paper size and type of each paper source and the toner cartridge name.
* You can view the same information by clicking [Check Consumables Details] on the Portal page.
[Device Features]
Displays the specifications of the machine and the status of optional equipment.
[Device Information]
Displays information of the machine, such as the product name and serial number, as well as the firmware version and system manager information.
[Device Name] and [Location] display the information set in [Settings/Registration] [Device Management] [Device Information Settings].
[System Manager Information] displays the information set in [Settings/Registration] [User Management] [System Manager Information].
[Check Counter]
Displays the total number of pages printed to date. Checking the Number of Printed Pages (Check Counter)
[Cartridge Log]
Displays a usage record in the toner cartridge.
[Eco Information]
Displays the average number of sheets output and average power consumption per month.
Log out from Remote UI after viewing the usage.