Connecting to a Wireless LAN by Entering a PIN Code (WPS PIN Code Mode)

When the wireless LAN router supports WPS PIN code mode, you can establish a connection by registering a PIN code generated on the machine to the wireless LAN router. Use a computer to register the PIN code.
Administrator privileges are required to connect to a wireless LAN.
Required Preparations
Access the wireless LAN router from a computer, and enable registration of a WPS PIN code.
* For details on how to register a WPS PIN code, see the manual of your wireless LAN router.
On the operation panel, select [Menu] in the [Home] screen and press . [Home] Screen
Press [Preferences    [Network]    [Wireless LAN Settings]  .
The [Select Network] screen is displayed.
If the login screen appears, enter the System Manager ID and PIN, and then press [<Log In>]  . System Manager ID and PIN
If the message [Enable the wireless LAN?] appears, select [Yes] and press .
If the message [Cannot find the access point.] appears, press .
Select [Other Connections] and press .
Select [WPS PIN Code Mode] and press .
A PIN code is generated.
Once this screen is displayed, you must register the WPS PIN code to the wireless LAN router within 10 minutes.
Access the wireless LAN router from a computer, and register the WPS PIN code to the router.
When [Connected.] appears on the operation panel, press .
When the machine is connected to the wireless LAN, [] appears on the [Home] screen.
Wait a few minutes.
Wait a few minutes. By default, an IP address is set automatically.
To use a specific IP address, set this manually.
Setting IPv4 Addresses
Setting IPv6 Addresses
If an Error Message Appears during Operation and a Connection Cannot Be Established
Press , and repeat the procedure starting from Step 3.