Printouts Are Faded

Troubleshoot by checking the following steps:

Step 1: Checking the Paper and Toner Cartridge

Are You Using Appropriate Paper?
Check whether the paper in the machine is usable, and replace it with appropriate paper, as needed.
Usable Paper
Loading Paper
Set the paper size and type correctly according to the loaded paper. Specifying the Paper Size and Type
Does the Printed Toner Flake Off Depending on Paper Type or Usage Environment?
If so, setting [Reduce Toner Flaking] to [Mode 1] may improve the problem. If that does not work, select [Mode 2].
[Home] screen on the operation panel [Menu]    [Adjustment/Maintenance]    [Adjust Image Quality]    [Special Processing]    [Reduce Toner Flaking]    [Mode 1] or [Mode 2]  
* When this setting is enabled, ghost images may appear in unprinted areas.
Have the Toner Cartridge Reached the End of Their Lifetime?
Parts inside the toner cartridge may have deteriorated. If this symptom occurs, it is recommended to replace the toner cartridge regardless of the remaining amount of toner or messages displayed. Replacing the Toner Cartridge
* Depending on the usage condition of the machine, the actual remaining amount of toner may be lower than indicated or the parts may be deteriorated.

Step 2: Checking the Usage Environment of the Machine

Are You Using the Machine in an Environment with Sudden Temperature Changes?
Sudden temperature changes can create condensation, which can result in faded or blurry images and text. Continuing to use the machine under these conditions may result in paper jams, printing defects, faults, or other problems. Allow the machine to adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity for at least 2 hours before use.
Is the Machine Installed in a Location Subject to Strong Wind Such as from an Air Conditioner?
If so, adjust the air direction and volume of the air conditioner.
If that does not work, setting [Switch Paper Feed Method] to [Print Side Priority] may improve the problem.
[Home] on the operation panel [Menu]    [Function Settings]    [Common]    [Paper Feed Settings]    [Switch Paper Feed Method]    [Drawer 1]  [Print Side Priority]  
* When you select [Print Side Priority], the printing speed for 1-Sided printing will decrease.

Step 3: Checking the Special Processing Setting

Is [Special Processing] Enabled?
If so, setting [Special Processing] below to [Off] may improve the problem. [Special Processing]
[Reduce Ppr. Sticking at Output]
[Envelope Flap Closing Prevention]
[Paper Curl Correction]
[Home] screen on the operation panel [Menu]    [Adjustment/Maintenance]    [Adjust Image Quality]    [Special Processing]