Limiting Available Destinations

You can set restrictions on the destinations that can be specified. For example, you can limit the destinations to those that are registered in the Address book or LDAP server. With personal authentication management, you can restrict the send destination to the user's own e-mail address or to a folder that is specified in advance. You can also restrict the domains that can be specified as destinations. By restricting the send destinations, you can prevent information leakage that may occur due to operation errors or misuse. Administrator or DeviceAdmin privileges are required in order to configure these settings.
Some of the restrictions on the destinations that are described below may not be available when ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is enabled. Using ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Restricting New Destinations

The destinations that can be specified when sending faxes or scanned documents can be restricted to those registered in the Address Book or one-touch buttons, those registered in <Favorite Settings> or <Send to Myself>, or those that can be searched on the LDAP server. When this function is enabled, users cannot specify destinations using alphanumeric character input.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Limit New Destination>.
Select the functions that you want to restrict new destinations for.
Press <On> <OK>.

Restricting E-Mail Destination to <Send to Myself>

You can set restrictions so that users who log in with personal authentication can only send scanned documents to their own e-mail address. To use this function, an e-mail address must be registered in the user information. Configure the user information before performing the procedure below.
 (Settings/Registration)  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Limit E-Mail to Send to Myself>  <On>  <OK>

Restricting File Send Destination to Personal Folder

You can set restrictions so that users who log in with personal authentication can only send scanned documents to their Personal folder (Configuring Personal Folders.)
 (Settings/Registration)  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <Common Settings>  <Restrict File TX to Personal Folder>  <On>  <OK>

Restricting the Domain of Send Destination

You can restrict e-mail and I-fax destinations so that only addresses in a specific domain are available. When a domain is specified, you can also set whether to allow sending to subdomains.
 (Settings/Registration)  <Function Settings>  <Send>  <E-Mail/I-Fax Settings>  <Restrict TX Destination Domain>  Select <On> for <Restrict Sending to Domains>  <Register>  Specify the destination domain  <OK>  Select <Allow> or <Reject> for <Send to Subdomain>  <OK>  <OK>
You can register up to three domains.