Addition of New Features to the Visual Message Function

The following features have been added to the Visual Message function.

Using the Visual Message Function for Greater Convenience

You can now configure settings to notify the server of the login information (user name and domain name) of users who display the content in order to collect the information, and also check PDF files linked in the content by printing them.
Start the Remote UI.
Click [Settings/Registration] on the portal page.
Click [License/Other]   [Visual Message Settings]   [Security Settings].
You can print the Visual Message displayed on the touch panel display or provide notifications of login information.

[Notify Server of Login Information When Content Is Displayed]

Select this check box to post the user information (user name and domain name) to the Web server when the user displays the Visual Message, and enter the Web server path.

[Allow Printing from Content]

Select this check box to specify the function that prints PDF content included in the HTML displayed in the Visual Message.
Click [OK].