Changes to User Authentication

Adding an Item to Force Users to Change Their Passwords at Initial Login to the Information of the User to Be Registered in the Local Device

It is now possible to force users to change their password the first time they log in. Select this check box to force registered users to change their passwords. Once a user has changed their password, the check box is cleared automatically.

Support for Two-Factor Authentication When Logging in to the Remote UI

You can now require registered users to perform two-factor authentication when they log in to the Remote UI. Select the check box to require two-factor authentication.
If the screen for enabling two-factor authentication appears after login

Adding an Item to Restrict the Use of Previously Used Passwords

You can now prohibit the use of a password that has already been used, when users change their password. Select the [Restrict Password Reuse] check box, and configure the password history count to match this setting.

Support for Setting the Password Change Prohibition Period

You can now specify a period for which users cannot change their passwords. Select the [Set Password Change Prohibition Period] check box, and also specify the prohibition period.