Setting Screen and Operations for Printing Saved Files

When you press <Access Stored Files> on the <Home> screen, and then press <Network> or <Memory Media> to print files, the following setting screen is displayed.
Depending on the function, see the <Copy> function for details.

Setting screen for Network/Memory Media

Print Settings Screen

Current setting status and setting buttons

Displays setting status such as paper size to print on and the number of prints. Make sure to confirm the settings in order to print properly. To change the settings, press the button under the display section. To change the number of prints, enter the number using the numeric keys.
You can select the color mode for printing by pressing <Select Color>.
You can select the paper size/type and the paper source by pressing <Select Paper>.

Number of selected files

Displays the number of selected files.
When selecting multiple files, the <Change No. of Copies> button appears. To change the number of prints, press this button.

Press this icon to register the current settings in <Favorite Settings> of  or to change the factory default print settings.

<Favorite Settings>

Register frequently used scan settings here in advance to easily recall them when necessary.

<Print Range>

Specify this setting when you select a file with two pages or more. To print all pages of a file, press <All Pages>, or to specify the pages to print, press <Specified Pages> and enter the range of pages to print.

<Restore Default Set.>

Changes print settings into setting values registered in <Change Default Settings>. <Change Default Settings>

<Start Printing>

Starts printing.


Enables you to specify the settings of functions that are not displayed in /. For details about each setting item, see Options.

<2-Sided Printing Settings>

Select the type of 2-sided printing.
If you select a PDF file when <Select Paper> is set to <Auto>, and the sizes of the front and back page differ, the pages are printed as one-sided prints on paper of their respective sizes. If you want such pages to be printed as two-sided documents, select the appropriate paper sizes in advance.


Select the finishing method.
Available when printing PDF/XPS files.


Cancels print settings and returns to the file selection screen.



Enables you to select the resolution.


Enables you to select the halftone printing mode to match the file you want to print.
<Resolution>: Enables fine printing so that the outlines of text data, etc. are clearer. This mode is optimal for printing data containing a lot of text or fine lines.
<Gradation>: Enables printing with both smooth gradations and clear outlines. You can adjust this setting to smoothly print shapes and graphs using gradation.
<Error Diffusion>: Suitable for sharply printing the contours of CAD data, and data that includes text and fine lines, etc.

<Match Paper Size>

Adjusts the size of a PDF/XPS file to match the paper size when printing.

<Enlarge Print Area>

Narrows the blank borders at each side of the page and enlarges the printablearea.

<Print Comments>

Adds comments when printing PDF files.

<Password to Open Doc.>

Prints password protected PDF files by entering the password required to open them.
When printing multiple PDF files with a password, each PDF file must have the same password to use this function.

<Skip Blank Pages>

Enables you to set the machine to detect blank pages included in documents and not print them.


Enables you to adjust the image size of JPEG and TIFF files to match the paper size when printing.

<Image Orientation>

Enables you to set the machine to automatically detect the aspect ratio of the image for a JPEG or TIFF file, and print it vertically or horizontally as required. You can also manually specify to print vertically or horizontally.

<Print Position>

Enables you to set the print position for JPEG and TIFF files to the center or top left of the page when printing.
For information on file formats, see System Options.
The number of pages remaining is displayed if a page limit is set with Department ID Management. For information on setting Department ID Management and page limits, see Configuring the Department ID Management Settings.
Only the following functions can be set/changed when different file types (such as PDF and JPEG) are selected at the same time.
Select Paper
2-Sided Printing
Change No. of Copies