A Message Saying to Contact Your Dealer or Service Representative Is Displayed

If the machine cannot operate normally due to a problem, a message is displayed on the touch panel display. Check the reference according to the displayed message.

When a message saying to contact a your dealer or service representative is displayed

Restart the machine.
Press the power switch to turn the power OFF (Turning OFF the Machine), wait for longer than 10 seconds, and then turn the power ON again (Turning ON the Machine).
Note that data waiting to be processed is erased when you turn the power OFF.
If the message is still displayed, prepare the following information.
Product name
The dealer or service representative where you purchased the machine
The problem (the specific operation you performed and the result and symptom, etc.)
Code displayed on the touch panel display
Multiple codes may be displayed.
Turn the power of the machine OFF, pull out the power plug, and contact your dealer or service representative.
Do not connect or disconnect the power cord with wet hands, as this may result in electrical shock.
Always grasp the power plug when disconnecting the power cord. Pulling on the power cord may expose or snap the core wire, or otherwise damage the power cord. If the power cord is damaged, this could cause current to leak, resulting in a fire or electrical shock.

When the <
This function is currently unavailable. You can use other functions from [Home].> message is displayed

This message is displayed when you select a restricted function. Select a different function.

When the <Color printing is currently unavailable.> message is displayed

You cannot use the color printing function because use of it is restricted. However, you can use the black and white printing function. Change the settings related to printing or copying as necessary.