Digitizing Documents

By digitizing paper documents, you do not have to worry about storage space and documents deteriorating, and you can view and use these documents on a computer or mobile device.
Scanning Paper Documents
You can use the scan function to scan documents and photos into data that can be saved and sent.
Use the scan settings to convert these into data according to your purpose. You can convert the data into a text-searchable PDF, and divide and save the data into pages.
Scan Settings
Digitizing Fax Documents
You can digitize received faxes and send faxes directly from a computer. You can also send and view faxes in a timely fashion even if you are away from the machine.
Forwarding and Saving Received Faxes as Data
Received faxes can be automatically forwarded to a specified computer or mobile device and saved.
Auto Forwarding and Backing Up Received Faxes
Sending Faxes from a Computer
You can use a procedure similar to that for printing documents and photos to send faxes directly from a computer.
Sending Faxes from a Computer (PC Faxing)
Using AirPrint Application to Print and Scan Data and Send Faxes