[Authentication/Password Settings]

Specify the settings for the machine’s authentication functions.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[Authentication Function Settings]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [Security Settings] [Authentication/Password Settings]
Specify the settings for enhanced security using the authentication functions.
[Menu] [Management Settings] [Security Settings] [Authentication/Password Settings] [Authentication Function Settings]
Specify whether to switch to a state that does not permit login (lockout) for a set period if authentication fails.
If you use lockout, you can also specify how many consecutive times authentication fails before lockout is invoked in [Lockout Threshold] and specify the length of the lockout period in [Lockout Period].
* This does not apply to Department ID authentication.
[Enable Lockout]
[Lockout Threshold]
1 to 10 (time(s))
[Lockout Period]
1 to 60 (min.)