[Data Management]

Manage or initialize the data and settings on the machine.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.


[Menu] [Management Settings] [Data Management]
Import or export the Address Book and various settings.
When importing is completed, the machine restarts automatically.
To import or export using the control panel, use a USB memory device. Inserting and Removing a USB Memory Device
To import or export particular items, use Remote UI from a computer. Importing and Exporting the Address Book and Settings
If the [Address Book PIN] screen appears during import or export
Enter the Address Book PIN and press [Apply]. If you skip this step, the Address Book data is not imported or exported.

[Enable Prod. Ext'd Survey Prog.]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [Data Management]
Specify whether to use the Product Extended Survey Program (a program for surveying machine usage).
The Product Extended Survey Program is installed at the same time as the drivers. It automatically sends monthly updates of information on device usage to Canon over a 10-year period. The program does not send personal information or any information other than that shown above.

[Initialize Key and Certificate]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [Data Management]
Initialize the key and certificate settings and CA certificate settings, and delete all keys and certificates other than pre-installed ones. Initializing Specific Settings and Data

[Initialize Address Book]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [Data Management]
Delete the destinations registered in the Address Book. Initializing Specific Settings and Data

[Initialize Menu]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [Data Management]
Initialize the [Menu] settings in the [Home] screen. Select the settings to be initialized. Initializing Specific Settings and Data
[Function Settings]
[Set Destination]
[Management Settings]
[Initialize All]