[User Management]

Register and manage information on the machine's administrator and users.
* Values in bold red text are the default settings for each item.

[System Manager Information Settings]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [User Management]
Specify a System Manager ID and System Manager PIN to create a dedicated administrator account.
If needed, you can also specify the administrator's name.
Use Remote UI from a computer to specify other administrator information, such as the e-mail address. Setting the Department ID and PIN for the Administrator
* By default, the System Manager ID and System Manager PIN are not set. System Manager ID and PIN
[System Manager ID and PIN]
[System Manager ID]
[System Manager PIN]
[System Manager Name]

[Department ID Management]

[Menu] [Management Settings] [User Management]
To enhance security and manage function use and costs, assign a Department ID to users and groups that use the machine. Authenticating Users and Managing Groups with Department ID (Department ID Management)
[Enable Dept. ID Management]
[Allow Print Jobs (Unknown IDs)]
[Allow Scan Jobs (Unknown IDs)]
[Count Mngt.]