The Printer Is Not Displayed

Check whether the printer is properly connected to the network.
When Connected via Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
Check the status of the computer, wireless LAN router (access point), and printer.
Cannot Connect to Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
If the Printer is Connected to a Wired LAN Using an Ethernet Cable
Check the printer settings and the wired LAN connection.
Connecting to a Wired LAN
Check whether use of SNMP is enabled. If not, enable it.

Black and White Touch Panel Model / Black and White 5 Lines LCD Model 

Color Touch Panel Model 

The control panel can only be used to enable the use of SNMPv1 or SNMPv3.
For details of the SNMP setting procedure, see the "User's Guide" for the respective model at the online manual site.