Displaying the List of Unmanaged Devices

This section describes the procedure for checking the devices not managed by this software.
Select the [Devices] menu > [Monitored Device List].
Click [Manage Devices].
On the [Manage Devices] page, select the [Devices Removed from Management] tab.
You can apply a filter to filter the devices displayed in the list.
The following devices can be checked in the list.
Discovered devices not already registered to the Remote Monitoring Server

Exporting the Device Information Not Set for Management

When the file format is selected from the [Export] drop-down list, the device information displayed in [Devices Removed from Management] can be exported to a file.
The exported device information file cannot be imported to this software.
There are precautions to note when exporting to a CSV file. For more information, see the following.

Removing Devices from This Software

Select the target device.
Click [Delete].
When a device is deleted on the [Devices Removed from Management] tab, the information retrieved from the device and the management information are deleted. To set a deleted device as a device for management again, it is necessary to register the target device to the Remote Monitoring Server.