Replacing the Waste Toner Container

When the waste toner container is almost full or completely full, a message is displayed prompting you to prepare a new waste toner container or perform waste toner container replacement. Prepare a new waste toner container or perform waste toner container replacement according to the displayed message.

Cautions When Replacing the Waste Toner Container

Do not touch the contacts () inside the machine. Doing so may result in damage to the machine.
Do not replace the waste toner container before the message prompting you to replace it appears on the touch panel display.
The waste toner container is a container for collecting unused toner that remains when printing.
For details about each message, see Countermeasures for Each Message.
For information on the model number of the waste toner container, see Consumables.
You can check the current amount of space remaining in the waste toner container.
Checking the Space Remaining in the Waste Toner Container

Procedure for Replacing the Waste Toner Container

When replacing the waste toner container, the procedure is also displayed on the screen. Check the information displayed on the screen in addition to the following procedure.
Open the front cover.
Open the left cover.
Remove the waster toner container together with the left cover.
Be careful not to tilt the container. Tilting the waster toner container will result in spilling of collected toner.
Remove the waste toner container from the protective case.
Do not disassemble or modify the waste toner container.
Install the new waste toner container and close the left cover.
Close the front cover.