Printing Registered Documents (Print Template)

You can print images and documents registered in advance. By registering templates of frequently used documents, you can easily print them when required.

Registering/Editing Documents

Start the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI

Click [Settings/Registration] on the portal page. Remote UI Screen
Click [Printer]  [Print Template].
Click [Add Button].
To change the settings in a button, click the button name.
To delete a button, click [Delete].
Enter the button information, and configure the required settings.
[Button Name:]
Enter the name of the button to display on the <Home> screen.
Enter a description or note, as required.
[File to Print (PDF/JPEG):]
Specify whether to print PDF or JPEG files.
[Print Immediately After Button Is Pressed]
Select this to immediately execute jobs after the button is pressed. The mark is displayed for buttons with this set.
[Settings for Button]
Configure the settings related to printing, such as the number of copies and two-sided printing.
If settings are not configured, printing is performed according to <Custom Settings> in <Printer>.
Click [Add].
Files for Printing
A maximum of five documents can be registered.
Documents with a maximum size of 48 MB can be registered.
The minimum guaranteed storage space for registering documents is 4 GB, including the space for hold print and secure print jobs.

Printing Documents

Press the button for a registered document on the <Home> screen.
If [Print Immediately After Button Is Pressed] is set, printing starts immediately.
Press <Start Printing>.
Printing starts.
PDF files with a password set or that require password entry to print cannot be printed.
To cancel a job that is printing, press <Cancel Printing>.