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Automatic Switching between Telephone and Fax Is Impossible

A possible cause may be that the receive mode or receive settings are wrong, or the free memory space is running low. Check the following.

Is the machine configured for automatic switching between telephone and fax?

Check that the receive mode is set to <Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)>, <Answering Machine>, or <DRPD>.  
When set to <Answering Machine>, check that an answering machine is connected to this machine and that it is powered on with an audio response message recorded properly.

Is the free memory space running low?

Print, send, or delete the unnecessary data stored in memory.  

Isn't the setting of <Ring Start Time> too short?

If the setting of <Ring Start Time> is too short, fax reception may not be detected, resulting in ringing of the external telephone. Set <Ring Start Time> to be sufficiently long.  

Isn't the telephone line condition poor?

If the telephone line condition is poor, change the setting of <RX Start Speed>.  

Does the sending machine support a fax identification signal (CNG signal)?

An incoming call from a machine incapable of transmitting a fax identification signal will not switch this machine to the fax receiving mode. Receive the fax by manual operation.