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Selecting Frequently Used Destinations Quickly (Favorites)

Specify frequently used destinations as "favorites" to select them quickly.
Many destinations registered in the Address Book makes it difficult to find a certain destination. If you specify a frequently used destination as a favorite, you can select it from <> in the Address Book. Up to 19 destinations can be specified as favorites.

Registering a new destination as a favorite

Specifying an already registered destination as a favorite

Select <Address Book> in the Home screen.
Select the index containing the destination you want to edit.
Select the destination.
To clear selection of a destination, deselect the destination. When multiple destinations are selected, you can deselect all of them together <Clear All>.
If you want to check the details of a destination, select the destination, and then select <Details>.
Select <Edit>.
When a screen to enter the Address Book PIN appears,
Select <Register As>  <Favorites>.
Select <Apply>.
Specifying a destination as a favorite is completed.