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Blank Paper Is Output

Solutions when blank paper is output are described here. Check the following.

Step 1 Check below first

Check these first.
Your problem is resolved -> Finished.
Your problem is not yet resolved -> Go to Step 2 Identifying common causes.

Step 2 Identifying common causes

Is condensation being removed?

Check the display and wait until the condensation is removed.

<Low Cartridge Level> or <End of Cartridge Lifetime> is displayed on the display

Check the remaining amount of the toner cartridges. Checking the Amount Remaining in the Toner Cartridges
Replace the toner cartridges if necessary. Replacing the Toner Cartridges

The toner cartridges might not be installed correctly

Follow the steps below to reset the toner cartridges.
MF746Cx / MF645Cx / MF643Cdw / MF641Cw
MF449x / MF445dw / MF441dw