Checking the Consumables Status

You can check the current consumables status in the [Consumables Information] dialog box in the Printer Status Window.
For details on the Printer Status Window, see "Printer Status Window."
[Toner Cartridge Information]
You can check the status of the toner cartridges of each color.
Status Bar
Continue using as normal.
Replacement Needed Soon
The toner cartridge is nearing the end of its life.
Have ready replacement toner cartridge.
We recommend that you replace the toner cartridge before printing a large amount of data.
Replace Cartridge
The toner cartridge has reached the end of its life.
Replace the toner cartridge.
Print quality cannot be guaranteed due to the toner cartridge reaching the end of its life and so on.
Solve the problem following the message displayed in the Printer Status Window.
Insert Cartridge
The toner cartridge is not installed.
Wrong color toner cartridge is installed.
Install the toner cartridge properly.
Replacement procedure for the toner cartridges