Attention (Wireless LAN Connection) (LBP7110Cw Only)

Precautions Regarding Security When Using Wireless LAN Products
Wireless LAN offers the advantage of sending and receiving information to and from a computer by radio waves between wireless LAN access points instead of a LAN cable in the range of the wireless signal.
However, the radio waves can reach all areas within range even through obstructions (such as walls), so if security settings are not configured, the following problems can occur.
Snooping of transmitted information
A malicious third party can deliberately intercept the radio signal to snoop for transmitted information, including your ID, password, credit card information and other personal information, and contents of sent e-mail.
Illegal access to a network
A malicious third party can access a personal or corporate network without authorization to commit the following acts.
Obtaining personal and confidential information (information leak)
Deceiving a specific person and sending unauthorized information (spoofing)
Rewriting intercepted information and sending it (tampering)
Damaging data or a system by spreading a computer virus (cracking)
Wireless LAN cards and wireless LAN access points have security measures to help prevent these problems when used with the security features configured.
It is recommended that you configure the security settings to use your products at your discretion LAN device, and you are responsible for all actions should you choose not to configure the security settings.
About security
Connecting to an unsecured network environment creates a risk that personal information and other data may be leaked to a third party. Please be careful.
This printer supports the following security systems.
128 (104)/64 (40) bit WEP
For details on the security of your wireless LAN access point, see the instruction manual of the wireless LAN access point or contact the manufacturer.
This printer does not support IEEE 802.1X authentication.
About signal strength
Wireless LAN uses radio waves; therefore, nearby wireless LAN access points may be detected.
If the specified access point name (SSID) has been manually entered and there are multiple wireless LAN access points with the same SSID and security information, connect to the wireless LAN access point with the strongest signal (RSSI).
Use in an office
For details on the network settings, consult your network administrator.
Equipment required for a wireless LAN connection
This printer does not come with a wireless LAN access point or other related devices. Have a wireless LAN access point ready as needed.
When using this printer in a wireless LAN environment, you must use a wireless LAN access point with a 2.4-GHz frequency that conforms to IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
For details, see the instruction manual of each device or contact the manufacturer.