Connecting the Printer and Computer

The following are the procedure and precautions when connecting the printer to a computer.
You cannot use a wired LAN and wireless LAN at the same time
When using the printer with a wireless LAN connection, do not connect a LAN cable to the printer. This may result in malfunction.

USB Connection

Do not plug or unplug the USB cable while the printer or computer is ON
This may cause the printer to malfunction.
About unidirectional communication equipment
The printer performs bi-directional communication. Operation of the printer when connected via unidirectional communication equipment is not tested, and as a result, Canon cannot guarantee printer operation if the printer is connected using unidirectional print servers, USB hubs or switching devices.
About the USB cable
This printer comes with a USB cable.
Use a USB cable with the following symbol.
Make sure that the printer and computer are OFF.
Connect the USB cable.
Flat end (A):
Connects to a USB port on your computer.
Square end (B):
Connects to the USB connector on this printer.
Do not turn the printer ON at this stage even if you want to install the printer driver.

Wired LAN Connection

See "Attention (Wired LAN Connection)" before connecting the printer to a wired LAN.
Connect the LAN cable.
Turn the printer ON.
Make sure that the LNK indicator (A) on the network interface is on.
 When the LNK indicator is off

Wireless LAN Connection (LBP7110Cw Only)

See "Attention (Wireless LAN Connection) (LBP7110Cw Only)" before connecting the printer to a wireless LAN.
Follow the instructions of "MF/LBP Network Setup Tool" to specify the connection settings.
To directly start "MF/LBP Network Setup Tool," see "Directly Starting the MF/LBP Network Setup Tool."