Easy Installation

Turn the computer on, and then log on to Windows as a user with administrative rights.
 If a screen appears through the Plug and Play automatic setup (USB connection)
Click [Cancel], turn OFF the printer, and then use this procedure to install the printer driver.
Insert the supplied CD-ROM "User Software" into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
Click [Easy Installation].
 If the above screen does not appear
 If the [AutoPlay] dialog box appears
Click [Run AUTORUN.EXE].
 If the [User Account Control] dialog box appears
Click [Yes] or [Continue].
Click [Start].
Read the contents of License Agreement, and then click [Yes].
Specify the printer connection settings as needed.
Before specifying the settings, see "Connecting the Printer and Computer."
The setting procedure varies depending on your environment. Follow the instructions on the screen to specify the settings.
 If you have a problem during the connection settings
Click [Useful Tips] at the bottom left of the screen and see the help contents.
Install the printer driver after specifying the printer connection settings.
Click [Display Readme File].
Read the contents of the Readme file and then close the file.
It contains important information and special information not found in the e-Manual.
Click [Next].
Select the method of installation.
When connecting with USB
Select [Install with USB Connection].
When connecting to a network
Select [Search for Network Printers to Install].
When connecting via the print server (client)
Select [Manually Set Port to Install].
To select the port type (network connection)
Click [Detailed Settings].
[MFNP Port]
The port that can automatically detect the IP address of the printer.
Even if the IP address of the printer changes, the port does not have to be changed because a new IP address is detected automatically when the printer and computer are on the same subnet.
MFNP Port only supports IPv4. (It does not support IPv6.)
[Standard TCP/IP Port]
TCP/IP Port that is standard with Windows.
If the IP address of the printer is changed, the port to be used with the printer driver should be changed.
The installation procedure varies depending on the installation method. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the printer driver.
 If you do not understand using the following screen
Click the links on each screen to see the provided description.

 If the USB cable is connected but the printer is not automatically recognized (USB connection)
After the printer driver is installed, installation of the e-Manual starts.
Please wait a moment until the installation is complete. (It may take a long time to install the e-Manual.)
Click [Exit].
Confirm that [ ] appears in [Install], and then click [Next].
 If [ ] appears
Restart your computer.
Select the [Restart Computer Now] check box.
Click [Restart].
When the following screen appears, you can remove the CD-ROM.
When the installation is complete, an icon and folder for this printer will be created.
"After Installation"
If you want to change the network settings for the printer, see "Changing the Network Settings for the Printer."