Functions Common to All Tabs (Settings)

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See Functions Common to All Tabs (What You Can Do)

Descriptions of Settings

Selecting a profile applies the registered settings. This is useful for saving frequently used settings.
Printing With Profiles
Enables you to register the current settings as a profile. You can set the name etc. in the [Add Profile] Dialog Box.
Adding Profiles
Enables you to edit, import, and export profiles in the [Edit Profile] Dialog Box.
Editing the Profile List
[Output Method]
Enables you to select the method for outputting print data.
Performs normal printing.
Saves print data temporarily in a hold queue in the printer. This function is useful when you want to perform proof printing. You can set a data name in the [Hold Details] Dialog Box by clicking [Details].
Suspending Printing
[Secured Print]
Attaches a PIN (password) to the print data and stores it in the printer. This function is useful when printing confidential documents etc. You can set the user name and PIN or password by clicking [Details].
Secured Printing
Stores the print data in a box in the printer. You can set the storage destination by clicking [Details] ([Store Details] Dialog Box).
Saving Print Data
[Promote Print]
Prints the print job before other print jobs after the current print job is finished.
[Edit and Preview]
Combines multiple files into one when printing. You can also view a print preview and change the print settings. Clicking [Details] enables you to set the output method after Edit and Preview. If you select [Lock], [Output Method] is locked in [Edit and Preview] mode. This function is useful for restricting the output methods of clients in a shared printer environment.
Combining Multiple Files
[Lock] can only be set when the printer driver screen is displayed from the Start menu (see Changing the Default Settings).
[View Settings]
Enables you to check the current settings in a list.
[Display Printer Status Window]
Click [] to display the Printer Status Window. The Printer Status Window enables you to check the printer status, execute the utility functions, and specify the settings for the printer unit, and so on.
For details on the Printer Status Window, refer to the help displayed from the [Help] menu bar.