[Paper Source] Tab (Settings)

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See [Paper Source] Tab (What You Can Do)

Descriptions of Settings

Selecting a profile applies the registered settings. This is useful for saving frequently used settings.
Printing With Profiles
Enables you to register the current settings as a profile. You can set the name etc. in the [Add Profile] Dialog Box.
Adding Profiles
Enables you to edit, import, and export profiles in the [Edit Profile] Dialog Box.
Editing the Profile List
[Output Method]
Enables you to select the method for outputting print data.
Performs normal printing.
Saves print data temporarily in a hold queue in the printer. This function is useful when you want to perform proof printing. You can set a data name in the [Hold Details] Dialog Box by clicking [Details].
Suspending Printing
[Secured Print]
Attaches a PIN (password) to the print data and stores it in the printer. This function is useful when printing confidential documents etc. You can set the user name and PIN or password by clicking [Details].
Secured Printing
Stores the print data in a box in the printer. You can set the storage destination by clicking [Details] ([Store Details] Dialog Box).
Saving Print Data
[Promote Print]
Prints the print job before other print jobs after the current print job is finished.
[Edit and Preview]
Combines multiple files into one when printing. You can also view a print preview and change the print settings. Clicking [Details] enables you to set the output method after Edit and Preview. If you select [Lock], [Output Method] is locked in [Edit and Preview] mode. This function is useful for restricting the output methods of clients in a shared printer environment.
Combining Multiple Files
[Lock] can only be set when the printer driver screen is displayed from the Start menu (see Changing the Default Settings).
[Select by]
Enables you to select the paper source and paper type to print on.
Specifying Paper Sources
Specifying Paper Types
[Paper Selection]
You can change the paper source method depending on the page. If you select [Paper Type] for [Select by], you can select the paper types by clicking [Settings].
[Same Paper for All Pages]
Enables you to set the paper source or paper type for all pages.
[Different for First, Others, and Last], [Different for First, Second, Others, and Last]
Enables you to set the paper sources or paper types for each of the pages indicated.
[Different for Cover and Others]
Enables you to set the paper sources or paper types for the cover and other pages.
Required condition: Select [Basic Settings] tab → [1-sided/2-sided/Booklet Printing] → [Booklet Printing],
or [Finishing] tab → [Print Style] → [Booklet Printing]
[Insert Sheets]
Inserts sheets of paper between the specified pages. Click [Insert Sheets Settings] to configure settings relating to the inserted sheets. Select the original paper from [Original Paper Source] or [Original Paper Type].
[Transparency Cover Sheets]/[Transparency Interleaving]
When printing on transparencies, inserts paper sheets between each transparency. Select the paper source or paper type for [Cover Sheets]/[Interleaf Sheets] and [Transparencies]. Selecting [Print on Cover Sheets]/[Print on Interleaf Sheets] prints on the interleaf sheets as well.
Required condition: Select [Basic Settings] or [Page Setup] tab → [Output Size] → [A4] or [Letter]
You cannot print on both sides of transparencies. If you set this option, select [1-sided Printing] in the [Basic Settings] or [Finishing] tab. For details about switching between 2-sided printing and 1-sided printing, see 1-sided and 2-sided Printing.
[Feed Custom Paper Vertically]
Feeds custom paper sizes vertically when printing.
[Feed A5 Vertically]/[Feed A4/Letter Vertically]/[Feed A4/A5/Letter Vertically]
Feeds A4, A5 and Letter sizes vertically when printing.
[Feed Custom Paper Horizontally]
Feeds custom paper sizes horizontally when printing.
[Cover Sheets]/[Interleaf Sheets]
Enables you to select the paper source or paper type used for interleaving sheets to insert between transparencies. You can also select various paper types registered in the printer by clicking [Settings].
This option is available only when you select [Transparency Cover Sheets]/[Transparency Interleaving] for [Paper Selection].
[Print on Cover Sheets]/[Print on Interleaf Sheets]
Prints the same image on the interleaving and transparency sheets when [Transparency Cover Sheets]/[Transparency Interleaving] is selected under [Paper Selection].
[Print on the Other Side]
If you want to print on both sides of paper fed manually into the stack bypass or multi-purpose tray, select this function to print on the other side of the paper.
[Tab Details]
Enables you to set the print position on tab paper in the [Tab Details] Dialog Box.
Required condition: Select [Paper Source] tab → [Paper Type] → tab paper
[Paper Source Information]
Displays paper source information in the [Paper Source Information] Dialog Box ([Paper Source] Tab).
[Front/Back Cover Settings]
Inserts front and back covers. You can set the paper source or paper type of the front and back covers and whether to print on them in the [Insert Sheets Settings] Dialog Box.
[Restore Defaults]
Returns all the settings to their standard (default) values.
[View Settings]
Enables you to check the current settings in a list.
[Display Printer Status Window]
Click [] to display the Printer Status Window. The Printer Status Window enables you to check the printer status, execute the utility functions, and specify the settings for the printer unit, and so on.
For details on the Printer Status Window, refer to the help displayed from the [Help] menu bar.