[Finishing] Sheet

You can configure settings relating to layout printing and finishing such as sorting, collating, stapling, etc.
[Print Style]
Specifies a method for outputting print data. According to what you select for [Print Style], the displayed settings change as follows.

When [1-sided Printing] or [2-sided Printing] is selected

[Print with Mixed Paper Sizes/Orientations]/[Print in Different Orientations]
Enables you to print data in which the size and orientation differ from page to page.
[Details] > [Detailed Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to set the combination of sizes and alignment method of pages.
[Binding Location]
Sets the edge of the paper to bind.
If you change [Orientation] in the [Basic Settings]/[Page Setup] sheet, [Binding Location] is changed to the left or top. The long edge/short edge positional relationship is maintained.
[Gutter] > [Gutter Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to set the gutter width.
Sets the order of pages and whether to staple the pages when printing multiple copies.
Outputs each copy separately.
Outputs each copy at a 90 degree angle relative to the copy before and after it.
[Paper Output]
Specifies a printed paper output destination.

When [Booklet Printing] is selected

[Booklet] > [Detailed Settings for Booklet] Dialog Box
Enables you to set detailed settings for booklet printing such as gutters.
Outputs each copy separately.

[Print on the Other Side]
If you want to print on both sides of paper fed manually into the stack bypass or multi-purpose tray, select this function to print on the other side of the paper.
[Feed A5 Horizontally]
Feeds A5 sizes horizontally when printing.
[Advanced Settings] > [Advanced Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to set detailed finishing settings. Select the setting item you want to specify in [List of Settings], and select a setting from the drop-down list.
[Restore Defaults]
Returns all the settings to their default values.

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