Canon PageComposer

You can combine multiple files created with different applications into one file for printing.
The Canon PageComposer main screen opens when you print using the [Edit and Preview] function of the driver.

[File] Menu

[Print]/[] (Print)
Prints the selected file(s).
[Print Sample]/[] (Print Sample)
Performs proof printing of the selected file(s).
[Print Preview]/[] (Print Preview)
Displays a print preview of the selected file.
Closes the Canon PageComposer main screen.

[Edit] Menu

[Delete]/[] (Delete Document)
Deletes the selected file(s).
[Duplicate]/[] (Duplicate Document)
Duplicates the selected file(s).
[Combine]/[] (Combine Documents) > [Combine] Dialog Box
Combines the selected multiple files into one, and enables you to specify a name and configure the settings of the combined file.
[Separate]/[] (Separate Documents)
Separates the selected file you have combined.
[Change Print Settings]/[] (Change Print Settings) > [Change Print Settings] Dialog Box
Changes the name and settings of the selected file.
[Select All]
Selects all files in the list.

[Move to] Menu

[] (Top)/[] (Previous)/[] (Next)/[] (Last)
Allows you to change the order by moving the selected file(s).

[Help] Menu

Displays the online help.
Displays the version of Canon PageComposer.

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