Specifying the Document Size

You can manually specify the document size when the machine cannot detect the paper size automatically, such as when scanning transparencies.
The machine cannot automatically detect the size of the originals listed below. Specify the size of these documents manually.
Nonstandard size originals
Highly transparent originals, such as transparencies
Originals with an extremely dark background
A5R or smaller than A5 originals that are placed on the platen glass (A5 originals are available on imageRUNNER 2545i/2545/2535i/2535)
If a document size setting other than [Auto] is specified, the following modes cannot be used:
If you place your originals into the feeder, their horizontal length (X) to the scanning direction is scanned at the actual size of your originals even if you manually specify the document size different from your originals. The vertical length (Y) to the scanning direction is scanned at the document size you specify manually.
The default setting is ‘Auto’.
Press (SEND) → place your originals → specify the destination.
For instructions on how to place your originals, see Basic Operations.
For instructions on how to specify the destination, see Basic Sending Methods or Specifying Destinations Easily and Quickly.
Press [Scan Settings] → select [Option].
Press [Document Size].
Select the document size → press [Done].
To select the paper size in inches, press [Inch-size].
Press [OK].
To cancel the specified settings, press [Cancel] on the Scan Settings screen or press  (Reset).
Press  (Start) to start scanning your originals.
To cancel scanning, press [Cancel] or (Stop).
If the original is placed on the platen glass, follow the instructions that appear on the touch panel display → press (Start) once for each original. When scanning is complete, press [Done].
The scanned data is sent to the specified destination when scanning is complete.
The specified settings return to their defaults after documents are sent. If you want to keep the settings as the default, see Registering Frequently Used Scan Settings as Default (Standard Send Settings).