Customizing the Screen Display

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE enables you to customize the screen display of the touch panel display. By placing buttons for frequently used functions in a visible position, or creating a shortcut keys for combinations of functions that are frequently used, you can increases the efficiency of operations.

Customizing the Main Menu Display

For details, see "Making Favorite Keys Highly Visible."

Operating a Series of Functions with One Button

For example, if you register function that is to scan 2-sided originals and send the data to your computer as a compact PDF, you can operate this series of functions with the press of one button.
For details, see "Registering a Series of Frequently Used Functions in One Button (Quick Menu)."

Recalling Settings Used on Another Machine

If you register the Quick Menu button, which stores a series of functions, you can also use that setting on another machine without registering again.
For details, see "Recalling the Quick Menu of Another Machine."