Linkage between iW Desktop and imageRUNNER ADVANCE

What is iW Desktop?

iW Desktop is an application which makes imageRUNNER ADVANCE easier to use as well as improves productivity and reduces costs concerning paper and electronic documents in your office.
iW Desktop powerfully supports paperless FAX and digitizing operations and resolves various challenges concerning business documents.
It also provides three editor functions; Annotation Editor, Document Binder, and Object Layout Editor to enrich document editing and handling functions.
In addition, linkage with optional iW Document Server enables sharing and central management of office documents.
Features of iW Desktop
Efficiently indicates FAX reception and sends FAX documents.
Enables integrated management by editing and processing various electronic and paper documents.
Reduces costs of document outputs.
Implements seamless digitization of documents with familiar operations.
Achieves an approval flow with electronic documents easily.
Enables sharing and central management of office documents.